Industry Standard 50mm Thick Panels

Ausbrush Panels are made to ausbrush specification in nominal 50mm and 60mm thickness in both WA Plantation Brush and also from NSW/VIC Native Brush supplies (sustainably sourced under permit).

The range of panel sizes made for Ausbrush are shown in the prices tables.


Superthick 60mm Panels

Both thickness’ of Melaleuca uncinata hardwood panel are highly compressed and ‘non see through’ tough and durable building product.

The 50mm thick panels are quite adequate for fencing installation in most situations and the vast majority of fences use this thickness. 

The deluxe superthick 60mm thick panel are used where noise insulation/attenuation is important and is the standard panel thickness used in the Adelaide market.  Brush fencing originated in South Australia and the 60mm panels are mainly used to visually compare/compete with the thickness of traditional hand packed fences.   The thinner 50mm panels however more than compare for life and durability with the thicker hand packed fences, due to the higher compression levels and density of machine made panels coupled with the closer and tighter wires spacings and tension.  The layup too of brush in machine made panels is far superior to the hand packed fence layup as in hand packing the fine leaf material is concentrated at the top and bottom of the fence with the more durable stem/woody stick material in the mid section, whereas in machine made panels the stick and leaf material are evenly distributed through the full height of the panel.