This roll top fitting video comprises 6 segments including:
1. Introduction
2. Fixing of Brushwood Roll Tops
3. Tying off
4. Blending the Joins
5. Shaping the Roll
6. One person Installation

Fitting pre made brush roll top sections to an inline method fence panel installation.

Brush or brushwood “roll top” or “roll cap” finishes are uniquely Australian and go back to the earliest origins of brush fencing evolution here in South Australia.   Traditionally they have been hand fitted from loose bundled brush and secured with wire loops to the fence-top as a feature finish, using only the finest, straightest and longest brush.  Brushwood rolls are also used for post coverings.

Traditional hand placement of a brush roll top requires a skilled artisan to obtain a good finish and is still the most common method used in the capital cities of mainland Australia.  However, machine made roll tops have been available for a few years now and have made inroads to the city markets.  They are especially suited and indeed one of only two options for installation in areas where there are no brushwood tradesmen and also for use by handyman/ DIY installers.  A further option, often used by brushwood contractors, is to fabricate brush rolls from panel pieces on site to effect cost savings.  See us for further details on this latter method.

The new breed of machine made brushwood rolls are manufactured in lengths of 1800mm and 2200mm.  The lengths supplied are usually determined by the panel size of the shipment stack on top of which the rolls are to be freighted.  The machine made rolls can be blended together at the butt joins prior to tensioning and tying off using the inbuilt wire securing ties.  The result that can be attained with ausbrush machine made rolls is the equal of traditional hand done rolls and of comparable price including labour to fit.

Machine made roll tops can be fitted to both the ‘inline’ and ‘offset’ ausbrush framing systems, or to existing fences or pre-framed modules..     

roll-tops on the ‘offset’ framing system

installation3.jpg (35871 bytes)

the finished brushwood fence – ‘offset’ method

installation4.jpg (44320 bytes)



Brush Roll-Top Finish

modularpanel108a.jpg (30380 bytes)


Brush rolls can also be fitted by hand in the traditional manner from loose bundled brush.



Although the frame can be seen on the rear of an offset system installed fence (as shown above), with an inline install the fence looks the same on both sides.  ie there is no frame to be seen or covered on either side of the fence using the inline system.


Brush roll-top wire-ties loop under the top-rail and bind the brushwood panel and brush roll to the rail thereby securing the panel top.

With the alternative ‘colorbond’ steel capping finish, the capping is screwed to the frame and covers the top-rail and brushwood panel top.


‘Colorbond’ Capping Finish

To get the maximum life out of your ausbrush brushwood panels it is advisable to follow our preferred installation methods.




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