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“Stand & Concrete Modules”


for On-Site Framing


– DIY assembled, framed fence modules.

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-for ‘inline’ and ‘offset’ fence installations and for shade houses etc. – See Video of installation methods.

Raw panels treated with ‘ProtaCoat TM are also available.

-for fence “roll top” and  frame finishes

Brush Roll finishes treated with

 ‘ProtaCoat TM are also available.

– pedestrian and driveway gates for various fence framing systems including hinges, latches and handles.



-including thru-fence letterboxes

for use on brushwood


…has preservative, antifungal, pest resistant and fire retardant properties.  The preparation can  be purchased from ausbrush in four litre containers and applied DIY after fence installation.  Pre-treated ‘ProtaCoat TM panels can also be purchased.


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Features, Sources & Typical Uses of Brushwood

Useful attributes of Australian brushwood or Melaleuca uncinata (also known as broom, thatch, brush, brushwood, brushbox ) include thermal and acoustic insulating properties, termite resistance, natural look and neutral colour, weather resistance, relatively low cost and a long outdoor life.  The shrub itself, is a salt tolerant species useful in soil rehabilitation and ‘carbon credit’ type projects and is an environmentally sound resource for fencing materials, requiring minimal energy use for harvesting and secondary processing.  In addition to these features, it provides a renewable resource and the plant is able to be harvested over a number of cycles, with a first cut at 8 to 10 years and subsequently 6 to 7 year harvests.

Melaleuca uncinata grows natively over large areas of mainland Australia, but by late 2007, most of Ausbrush raw material is scheduled to be sourced from machine harvested plantation brush. From the raw material, brush panels and brush roll finishes are produced in highly automated machinery, in a range of sizes and thickness for use by contractors and DIY installers worldwide and for assembly into Ausbrush pre-framed modules.

Typical uses of brushwood include; fences, dividers, screens, partitions, service enclosures – (such as rubbish, / trash, pool pump, golf course service yards, car park enclosures), windbreaks, temporary event screening, tourist resort screening, screening of building extensions and service yards, thatch huts and pergolas, patio and swimming pool fencing, water features, equestrian horse jumps, aviaries, bird feeders, topiary (emus and kangaroos) etc  It is also very versatile in that it can be used on sloping sites and be tapered, scalloped, blended into structures (profiled pillars and tree trunks) and cut over uneven bases and walls.

ausbrushTM  fencing and screening panels are manufactured from this tough Australian native lignotuber.

Depending on locality preferences and uses, the panels are used in many different situations and using a variety of framing methods and finishes to suit project needs;  Framing material options include timber and steel; Base materials used include, concrete, timber, steel, stone, brick and block. Framing methods include traditional post and rail, inline systems and pre-framed modular channel systems.  Finishes to panel top and framing, include brush rolls, timber moulds and steel channel. 

A new ausbrush  product ‘ProtaCoat TM for use on brushwood has preservative, antifungal, pest resistant and fire retardant properties.  The coating can be purchased from ausbrush in four litre containers and applied DIY after fence installation.  Pre-treated ‘ProtaCoat TM panels can also be purchased.

The raw ausbrush  panels comprise machine compressed brushwork held together with 8 pairs of running wires stapled at approx 75mm intervals and are used in;

1)  ausbrush designed and proven, in-situ steel framed systems (post and rail frames) and in,

2)  ausbrushTM  patented, factory assembled pre-framed, interlocking fencing and screening modules (fully finished, powder-coated steel channel frame surround).

3) in handyman DIY projects and one-off designed framing systems and in,

4) regionally generic or traditional framing systems.  eg Western Australian brushwood contractors use our ‘wide format’ raw brush panels with ‘inline’ steel framing and concrete or limestone or timber bases; South Australian brush contractors uses ‘wide format’ raw panels with ‘inline’ steel framing and concrete bases; Victorian and New South Wales contractors use ‘narrow format’ raw panels with ‘offset’ timber or steel framing and timber bases; USA & NZ contractors use ‘narrow format’ brush panels with ‘inline’ timber framing and base.

5)  and in pergola and thatched hut roofing installations.

Brush and the panel product is an extremely versatile building material, used in a multitude of situations as diverse and creative as the imagination.

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