ausbrush ‘warehouse-direct’ sales terms are for clear payment in full, prior to shipping.  Payment by EFT, credit card or cheque (to clear) are accepted. – mob 0418841889

Trading Terms & Shipping Lead Times: 

For standard panel sizes supplied from stock, payment in full is made at the time of ordering and materials are shipped either same day or the following day to eastern seaboard destinations with local delivery within 3 to 4 business days in the main city areas.  In WA there is usually a lead time of a week from date of order to shipping and to country locations around Australia it can take a week (or sometimes more) for delivery.  

Note: During the pre-Xmas period and January, delays of up to 3 to 6 weeks on panels can sometimes be experienced due to high demand and at other times of the year delays can be caused by brush shortage.

PRICES:  For the best panel prices in full pallet quantities, see prices for your regional centre

at these pages;  Melbourne,  SydneyBrisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra,  Perth, Darwin and Adelaide ……      or  contact us directly at ausbrush

For pricing and supply in custom/job specific or small orders –    If you have a DIY project and need to purchase raw panels, or components and finishes in specific quantities – see the component listings page and the product prices page.  For ordering contact ausbrush sales direct  email – to Hague Showell.

Brushwood Panels & Finishes – Shipping Considerations & Product Selection

Ausbrush supplies brushwood panels and finishes in selected sizes to suit specific framing methods and job requirements.  Sizes and types shipped can also depend on freight/handling, location and shipping considerations.   ausbrush approved framing methods, include standard ‘inline’ and ‘offset’ installation designs.

The only system components not currently available from ausbrush are the base (concrete, timber or steel) and timber posts and rails, which should be sourced locally.  We can supply steel posts and rails to remote locations, but usually these are sourced locally.


Roll finishes and brush gates are stacked on top of the panels in shipping.  The length of roll top ordered is usually selected based on panel sizes being shipped    eg  2200mm long roll tops ship on 1700mm x 2200mm  panels, 1800mm long roll tops ship on 1700mm x 1100mm panels.The raw panels ship on extended pallet bases in quantities of up to 20 off 1700mm highx1100mm wide panels per pallet and 20 off 1700mm x 2200mm wide or 2400mm wide panels per pallet and 10 panels per pallet in the ‘jumbo’ and ‘super thick’ sizes.  There is a small additional charge for part pallet quantity and mixed panel sized orders, to cover added handling costs and freight inefficiencies.   Our panels are made 1700mm and 2120mm in height in highly automated machinery from native Melaleuca uncinata, by the only two Australian manufacturers.  Brushwood panels can be cut to a lesser height than 1700mm or 2120mm, either in the factory, or cut to height on-site during installation using a power saw with ripping blade.  Panels can also be easily cut to width on-site with cutters/pliers.  Panels can be supplied in nominal 50 or 60mm thickness in stock sizes. 


Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted for moto internet and telephone orders as well as EFTPOS door sales in Adelaide.    A 1% charge applies to card transactions.


Brushwood Panel Sizes    The most common sizes we supply in 50mm thick panels are 1700mm high x 1100mm wide, 1700mm high x 2200mm and 1700x2400mm wide panels.  The smaller 1100mm wide  panels are sized for ease of installation by 1 person and weigh around 37kg.  The wider brush panels require 2 persons to install and weigh 74 kg for the 2200mm wide panel and 81kg in the 2400mm wide panels in 50mm thickness.  We can also supply thicker 60mm panels in 1700mm high x 2400mm wide format.  The average brushwood panel thickness is calculated by dividing a stack of panels by the number of panels in the stack  ie  50mm for our standard panel and 60mm for the ‘Super Thick’ panel.  We now have panels available in 2000mm and 2120mm height for situations requiring additional privacy and these can weigh around 93kg each in the 2120x2200x50mm panels.

Indicative Freight and Local Delivery Costs    See the price page for your city for supply of standard pallet quantities inclusive of freight.   Freight prices for small and mixed product orders can vary widely, depending not only on location but also the size and number of panels, brush rolls, gates etc, but also on whether door to door delivery is required and whether offloading is by hand, fork lift, tailgate platform, or HYAB crane truck delivery. 

Our aim is to get product to you as cheaply as possible and where the best option for your location is for you to deal direct with your local carrier, then we will assist you in that course.

Carriers don’t allow hand unloading for OH&S reasons due to the weight being greater than 30kg.  Larger panel sizes can be delivered to your door, but a client provided fork lift on-site is recommended to unload if available.  The largest panel size that can be shipped with tailgate platform delivery, is 1700mm high x 2200mm wide and a maximum of 1 tonne or 13 panels in that size with the tailgate delivery.  For larger panel sizes a forklift is needed on site to unload or order can be collected from our carrier’s depot on your truck or trailer.  Small charges apply for tailgate deliveries and depot collect orders.  Hyab crane truck deliveries are rarely used as they are very expensive.

Our main carrier includes ‘free’ local delivery inside a zone surrounding their terminal in each major city location if there is a forklift on site to unload.   Additional local courier charges are added to the basic freight rate for deliveries outside the ‘free’ zones.  Our carrier does not offer a price reduction for goods collected by the client from the carriers’ terminal instead of door to door delivery and actually charges a small fee for ‘depot collect’. 

Freight to Country and Regional Centres

Often the best prices to country centres can be obtained by you from local carriers who have regular ‘runs’ or backloads from the major cities and who through their contacts can often arrange cost effective freight directly from the Adelaide terminal to your destination.

We are happy to ask our carrier for a quote to your door, or we can supply to the terminal at your nearest capital city for your collection.