ausbrush brushwood panels comprise machine compressed brushwork held together with running wires and staples and are installed to framing in many different ways around Australia.

We have brush panels and roll top finishes made to Ausbrush specification by two manufacturers as described on the Panel Types page.

Installation methods include fixing brushwood panels to steel or timber posts and rails, picture framing in channel surrounds or fixing to the face of existing fences such as colorbond steel or timber paling fences.  The panels stand on solid bases of concrete, timber, limestone or bricks, blocks or pavers.

The two most common methods used detailed below, include what we describe as the ‘Offset’ and ‘Inline’ methods.  (There are other methods too and details and links can be found at the foot of this page).

The Offset method usually results in a front side of continuous brushwork and a rear with framing showing, whereas the ‘Inline’ method results in continuous brushwork on both sides and no frame showing at all or exposed feature posts or pillars between panels. 

The Offset method is suited to the use of small panels which can be installed by one person, whereas the Inline method using the larger and heavier panels, requires two or more people to handle/install.


The “Inline System” uses wider brushwood panels (mostly 2200mm wide) which have wires left longer at the ends of the panels for securing and tensioning around the posts at each end and requires a two person install.  The frame has posts and a top rail only plus a base.  The base which seats the brush panel is centred on the posts and the panels fit between the posts.  The finish on both sides of the fence is the same –  ie continuous brushwork with post covering brushwood rolls on both sides of the fence.

Brushwood panels are also available in heights of 2000 and 2120mm where additional overall screening and privacy is required.  See also techniques for raising overall fence height using our standard 1700mm brush panels.

Video – Inline Method Framing, Panel & Roll Top Installation

Handling Brush Panels to Install

Inline Method Panel Handling

Installing Brushwood Panels

Inline Method Panel Installation


For added privacy and noise attenuation, overall fence heights can be raised by using base height extensions.  With 1700 or 1800mm high panels, overall heights of around  2100 can be achieved with a 300mm high base and roll top finish and with the 2120 and 2000mm high panels overall heights of around 2400mm can be achieved.  

Decking board can be used effectively to raise fence height or traverse uneven ground.

Raising fence height using reinforced concrete base.

Reinforced concrete base is another option for raising the fence height.

Raising base heights more than about 300mm in concrete can look visually out of place, but timber bases and stone feature walls etc can be used for a higher finish.  It should be noted that in some parts of Australia, overall fence height limitations may apply without approvals eg 2100mm overall height in SA.


The “Offset System”  uses narrow brushwood panels 1100mm wide, which fix to a frame behind.  The frame comprises posts, two rails (one top and one bottom) and a base.  The base which seats the brush panel, is offset from the centre line of the posts and the panels run past the posts and fix to the frame behind.  The look is different on both sides of the fence, with continuous brushwork on one side and the frame on the other.  The frame (post and rails) at the rear are either left exposed or painted or covered in brushwood rolls.

See this page for the Components list for an offset system install ->


Video – Offset Method Framing, Panel & Roll Top InstallationOffset

‘Offset’ Panel Installation with front side continuous brushwork and frame on the rear.

Top finishes commonly applied to brushwood fencing include brushwood roll tops, steel colorbond capping and timber finishes.

ausbrush supplies pre-made brushwood roll top finishes (also known as ‘roll caps’) in 1800 and 2200mm lengths.  Video below shows the fitting of these. 

Fitting premade brush roll tops



Brushwood panels are a very versatile building material and there many other installation methods and ideas that are possible using panels made in both Vic from native stands or in WA from plantation brush.  

Naturally Inspired in Perth, WA provide well presented diagrams and details of further install options to be found on their beautiful website installation page .  (Caveat: we don’t concur however with their advice on not using a fence rail at all in one method described – ie in our experience at least one rail is needed for lateral fence rigidity and straightness with any brushwood panel installation).  They supply panels in WA made to their specification in Victoria from NSW brush and we can also quote to supply as an alternative, WA made plantation brush panels for your project that will do the same job and with delivery to your door pretty much anywhere in WA..

Across ‘the ditch’ in New Zealand, Brustics also import the VIC /NSW panels and provide on their interesting website a pdf file here detailing installation ideas for our DIY brothers in the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’.

Both Brustics & Naturally Inspired have been around for many years and sell a range of great products for enhancing the look and functionality of your outdoor spaces and their ideas/options for fence installation may just suit your project.

We can supply brush panels to your door pretty much anywhere in Mainland Australia at competitive prices for you to use in whatever installation method you desire.