This table lists the components and framing required for the Standard “Offset System” brush fence installation – finished overall fence height 1800 to 1900mm using 1700mm high x 1100mm wide x 50mm thick panels and plinth 100 to 150mm high.  Suitable for DIY, one person installation.  The quantities are listed for a fence of 22 metres in length, but product can be supplied as needed for your specific job.  See installation video also…


brushpanel1a Brushwood panels 1700x1100x50mm Sized for ease of erection & shipping efficiency.
Weight 37kg per panel

......if steel framing is shipped will be additional shipping volume
Pallet of 20 panels
- measuring 1.06m high x 1.1m wide x 1.7m long.
Weight 755kg.
If roll tops are shipped on top, pallet dimensions will be around 1.3m high x 1.1m wide x 1.8m long and Weight around 830kg .
pallet1_small Disposable Pallet Base One pallet base
A_Copy_of_Post_Rolls_10 Brush Post Rolls Finishes Optional post roll covers for the rear side of the fence. Can be made from sacrificial roll top sections or panel wads. Or posts can be powdercoated or left galvanised. See us for further information. 10 posts and post roll covers needed if a straight run and if posts are set at 2.4 metres apart. ....more if there are gate openings. Post roll covers are Optional.
Fitting premade brush roll tops Brushwood Roll Top Finishes
1800mm long
Roll tops are made in 1800 and 2200mm lengths but ship on top of the panels and so are supplied in 1800mm length for freight efficiency. The rolls are blendable at the joins for a seamless roll in the WA manufacture. For a 22 metre fence (20 panels), 13 brush roll tops are needed in 1800mm lengths.
Alternative top finishes include colorbond capping or timber.
capping3a Colorbond Steel Capping Top Finish, 93mm wide x 55mm deep x 2400mm long Capping is a cost effective alternative to brushwood roll tops and is easy to fit, having a large end and a small end to allow overlap at the joins. It is Tek screwed to the top fence rail or post caps. For a 22 metre fence 10 off 2.4m lengths of capping will be needed allowing for 50 to 100mm overlap at the joins.
Available in a range of colorbond colours to order.
post3a Posts 2400mm long in 50x50mm section x 1.6mm wall thickness. Square section posts are best used where a pair of rectangular fencing rails can easily be fixed to the front face of the posts in full 7.5 metre lengths (or cut between the posts using three hole plates for a flush finish). Posts are set in concrete to a depth of about 550 to 600mm with top of post level with top of panels. If a straight run, 9 or 10 posts will be needed for a 22 metre fence.
Post height above ground will depend on height of base used (concrete, timber, limestone, pavers etc) and post tops will need to be level with top of the panels.
rail1a Fencing Rails cut from galv steel 7500mm long in 25mmx38mm section x 1.2mm wall thickness A pair of fencing rails are needed and can be set with the top rail Tek screwed to the front face of the posts with the bottom edge of the rail approx 50mm down from the top edge of the panels (to allow the brush roll top to cover the top rail and the roll wires anchor around the rail). The bottom rail can be set in line with the second or third to bottom panel running wire using 65mm tek screws. 6 off 7500mm long rails are needed for a 22 metre long fence run and can either be fitted in full lengths to the face of the posts directly with Tek screws or cut between the posts for a flush finish, using 3 hole plates to fix the rails to the posts.
If shipping the rails they will need to be cut to 2400mm lengths and using rail joiners where needed.
theeholeplate5a Three Hole Plates - Used for fixing rails to posts where rails are cut between the posts for a flush finish. The plates are not normally needed where the rails are fixed to the face of the posts in full lengths using Tek screws. 20 plates are needed if there are 10 posts (two plates are needed per post).
railjoiner1a Rail Joiners - 25x38mm section Rail joiners are used to connect offcuts of rail, to join full lengths of rail or to join sections of rail cut to 2400mm lengths for shipping convenience. Approx 4 joiners needed if full 7.5metre rail lengths are being fitted to the face of posts, but more needed if cutting rails between posts for a flush install.
hook1a Ramset Utility Hooks to Panels Fastening Hooks are needed approximately two per panel using 65mm long Tek screws to secure the panels from the front side through to the bottom rail behind. For normal wind situations the roll top wires are adequate to tie the top of the fence panels around the top rail, with hooks and teks only securing to the bottom rail. For high wind areas a mid rail with additional securing hooks can be fitted.. If hooks and teks are only being fitted to the bottom rail, 40 hooks are more than adequate for 22 metres of fence, but if fitted to an additional mid rail then double that quantity is needed.
tekscrew12x65a Tek Screws 12g x 65mm for securing panels to rails and rails to posts. These tek screws can be supplied in either steel tapping for the steel framing described here or as timber screws where timber framing is used.
They are also used to fix the steel rails to the posts where the rails run past the posts in full lengths, (three hole plates and smaller screws are used where the rails are cut between the posts for a flush finish).
Total of 60 screws needed where fixing pair of rails to 10 posts (20 screws) plus fixing 20 panels to bottom rail only (40 screws) and top of panel anchored with the roll top wires. An additional 40 screws needed if fixing to two rails.
tekscrew12x20_2a Tek Screws 12g x 20mm used for fixing 3 Hole Plates and Rail Joiners Three hole plates are used for fixing rails when cut between posts and rails flush with face of posts. They can also be used to fix the rail joiner inserts. 60 screws are need to to fix 20 plates to 10 posts with two rails and two plates per post plus two screws per rail joiner.
postcap45a Post Caps 50mm x 50mm Post caps are fitted to keep moisture out of the posts but can also be used to secure colorbond capping if used. 10 caps needed if 10 posts are being used.
BRUSH_HEAP_BACKGROUND1a Loose Bundled Brush Occasionally brush is needed in loose form to repair fences or extend standard pre-made brush roll tops. We can supply/add to panel orders subject to availability. 20kg per bundle