Heavy Duty Brushwood Gates  

Pedestrian Access gates are made in two standard sizes.   (Special sizes can be made to order);

1) a 1750mm high x 900mm wide with powdercoated channel top finish for general use with traditional brush fencing and conventional framing systems.

2) an 1800mm high x 900mm wide with brush roll top finish for general use with traditional brush fencing and conventional framing systems.

Driveway gates pairs are also made in standard sizes (or special sizes made to order);

1)  1750mm high and 1800mm high x 1400mm wide each leaf and

2)  1750mm high and 1800mm high x 1600mm wide each leaf.

The heavy duty construction using powder-coated, galvanised steel channel sections with all welded and powdercoated construction using 50x50mm frame members together with long lasting Australian Melaleuca uncinata hardwood panels, provides a very rigid, strong yet lightweight gate which is both attractive and economical in cost.  The gates are of universal installation design, shipping with universal hinges (fit left or right hand installs), latches, strikers, handles and fixing screws and with either brush roll top or channel top finish.  Keyed D&D brand ‘Lokk Latch Pro’ dead locks are available for use with these gates or simple ‘D’ latches.

ausbrush can supply other sizes of gates to order, but cost more and do not offer the same economies of construction as the standard gate sizes, which are made from bulk standard size raw materials stocks.  The standard gates ship in gloss black colour which contrasts well with the natural colour of Australian brushwood.  Other colours can be supplied to order including ‘Estate’ / ‘IronBark’ colour which also works well with brushwood.










Corner Detail


The Images Below Show the Fittings and Screws Supplied with each Modular Pedestrian Gate.

The Gate Post is Shown as galvanised finish for illustrative purposes in this image sequence, but normally would be powdercoated. 

Gate Posts are usually obtained locally by clients due to shipping aspects/ efficiencies.  Powdercoated or galvanised finish gate posts with caps can be supplied by Ausbrush if required in 2500mm lengths and either 65mmx65mm or 75mmx75mm or 100mmx100mm steel sections.  The post shown in these images is 65mmx65mm in section.


Universal Hinges are Supplied – suitable for either Left or Right hung gates.
Cranked Brass Handle, Pad lockable ‘D’ Latch with ‘D’ Latch handle and Striker. 


‘D’ Latch with ‘D’ Latch handle and Striker.  In image at right, ‘D’ Latch handle is shown with arrow as it appears on the front side of gate.


Brass Brass Handle, and Striker for ‘D’ Latch

 Front Side of Gate.  Usually the gate posts are powdercoated also, but shown here as galvanised for illustrative purposes.
Rear Side of Gate.  Showing horizontal cross braces.  Gates wider than 900mm also have a diagonal cross braces.








Traditional Brush Gates 

Traditional brush gates are made from hand thatched brush over a steel pipe frame and with brush frame rolls are very heavy and time consuming/expensive to make and fit and not often used these days.


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