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Hire Brushwood Fencing Panels        The proprietary ausbrush  "freestanding hire fencing and screening modules" are ideal barriers and screens for temporary "green event" type functions including festivals and weddings.  The freestanding panels provide visually pleasing temporary barriers and screens around licensed venues such as outdoor event Cafe's, service areas and queues etc.  They are available for hire or purchase from local installers or from Ausbrush directly.  Hire includes deliver, install and remove.  Typically an installation involving 50 metres of temporary brushwood barriers or screening takes less than 2 hours to complete.  It is a simple, sound and effective system incorporating 2400mm wide pre-framed brushwood panels in heights of 1200mm and 1800mm and has the same look/finish on both sides of the fence/screen.  The framing and standing method and brushwood panel sizing has been designed specifically for event hire screening and barriers and requires two persons to install. 

The pre-framed brushwood panels are located between free-standing posts with steel bases and can be pegged where required.  


The fence below is using the 1200mm high x 2400mm wide module

Images below from the WOMADelaide Festival 2007 - Garden Cafe

For situations demanding an alternative panel size, framing or finishing method, we would be happy to work through your design with you and endeavour to supply your requirements.


Currently subject to Aust Design registration, the ausbrush "freestanding hire module" system, comprises a basic 2400mm wide and 1200mm wide module in 1200mm and 1800mm height options.  Each panel has a pair of loops at the each end and base plates with sleeves house a locating post which drops through the loops to secure adjoining panels.  The design allows the panels to be aligned in any direction from one to the next to accommodate non rectangular venue layouts.  The 2400mm wide x 1200mm high modules weigh around 60kg each.

Although the fencing post and plate system is inherently stable without additional securing, pegs can be used to secure the base plates through the holes provided on uneven ground or in high wind areas and counterweight planter boxes can be used used on paved and hardstand areas.  Where the fence follows an angular route on flat ground (ie not a dead straight fencing run ) the system does not need additional securing as the weight of the panels and plates and the linkage combined with the angular alignment, provide more than adequate lateral support.





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